How We Do Business...Differently


What We Do

We're professionals at bringing two parties together in order to get business done, that's what brokers do. With our vast database of drivers, we can find and arrange for all types transport. From Removable Goose Necks to Step Decks to Flatbeds or any other number of truck types, we can get your equipment moved!

How We Do It


Our process is a little different, and the benefits add up as a value to you, here's why! You may already know that when you ask a broker give you price for transport, there a variety of methods that he can use to produce a price for you, but what if he's wrong? What if his quote is $1,000 too low and by the time he locates a truck, his real price is a $1,000 higher than what he quoted? That's a problem. So here is how we do business differently. 

We always aim to under promise and over deliver. In order to do this we gather our truck availability first and provide pricing second. The reason for this is that it makes more sense as a provider of heavy haul services to make sure that a truck is available at the right price, at the right time, rather than quoting a price and "hoping" it can be done for the quoted price. Quoting a price without an available truck, in what we call, the "Spot Market" (getting a truck on demand), can be very costly if we get it wrong. 

So while it may take a little longer to find the right truck for the job (usually one to two days), rest assured that when we quote, it won't cost you a penny more than the quote we provide. So we'll say thank you in advance for your patience for the little bit of extra time it takes to get it done right the first time. 

To be specific, here's how the process looks from our perspective, and in the following order;

  • Locate an available truck with the appropriate equipment in the general vicinity of where your equipment is located.
  • Obtain pricing.
  • Obtain a pickup date and delivery date.
  • Return this information to you for a Go or No-Go decision.

Where We Work

Our transport projects take us all over the USA and Canada. If you're transporting into and out of the Northeast, keep in mind that these states impose additional fees for oversize loads. Many of these fees revolve around the fact that these states have reduced weights which are considered "Superloads". Superloads, roughly figured at 120,000 lbs. gross  (truck, trailer and item being hauled) or greater, require permitting for Superload status and may require by law, Police escorts and pilot cars. States to keep in mind for this are as follows; Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania. 

Why We Do It The Way We Do It, and Why That Way Is Better

A planned approach is always best. Errors are eliminated by doing business the way we do it. Taking the time to do our due diligence for each piece of equipment we transport is crucial for the success of each move. We get all the details up front, double check it and then move. The last thing anyone wants during a move is a costly mistake.

Our motto is; "Surprises are for your birthday, not your equipment move".